An Aesthetics of the Unbearable. The Cult of Masculinity and the Sublime in Ernst Jünger’s “Der Kampf als inneres Erlebnis” (Battle as an Inner Experience)

Oliver Kohns


This article analyses the structure of “experience” in Ernst Jünger’s essay “Battle as an inner experience”.
Based on his war experiences, Jünger posits the necessity of an aesthetics of the unbearable. This aesthetics
is systematically connected with the philosophical tradition of the sublime developed in antiquity (by
e.g. Pseudo-Longinus) and modernity (by e.g. Burke and Kant). At the same time Jünger’s aestethics of
experience generates an apparent homophile cult of masculinity.


Ernst Jünger, war & the aesthetics of unbearable violence, antique and modern concepts of the sublime, homophile cult of masculinity

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